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Online Inquiry & Reservation Form
Information sent to Bed & Breakfast Atlanta is used to determine the lodgings best suited to your travel plans. Filling in as much as possible helps us to make the most appropriate suggestions.  We assure you that this information never leaves our office and is used only to help you select the best accommodations for your needs.

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Please be sure you have included your email address, then click the "Send" button to mail us your completed form. If you would like to make a reservation at this time, please read the payment options below. 


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Payment Options: A one night credit card deposit is required to confirm and guarantee your reservation. The balance is charged on the same card the day of arrival.

Cancellation Policy: Your one night deposit will be refunded if cancellation occurs at least 7 days in advance for most Inn's, although some Inns require that cancellations are made 14 days in advance.  At the time of booking, the cancellation policy of the Inn of your choice will be reviewed.

Host and guest(s) are each responsible for personal behavior and treatment of each other. Host and guest(s) release B&B Atlanta from any responsibility or liability resulting from or relating to any act or omission by B&B Atlanta, host or guest(s).

190 Ottley Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Telephone: (404) 875-0525 or (800) 967-3224
Owners: Cynthia Pararo and Jessica Mangione
[email protected]

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